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Why should you consider to write your company blog?

Andrew Padniewski, WebWebSite Trailblazer

You are not happy with organic users are visiting your website? Maybe you should try to improve it by starting your company blog!

Improve organic searches results is the most important argument for all companies, that are running their own blog. According to Hubspot statistics, 60% of businesses increased the number of customers after running their company blog, 57% increased sales and 55% are proud of better unique users scores in their Google Analytics.

It looks like it is worth to try, isn’t it?

Those US statistics shows, how big step you can do if you decide to run your company blog
I found those data at many pages, one of the sources is Linkedin

Long tales can make a big difference

If you are using Google AdWords you may check at you Keyword Planner phases that can provide you more customers. E.g. if you are selling glass vases, you can easily pay Google around £0,40 for one click, and you will be able to transfer for your website around 10k unique users per month.

Remember, that Google Keyword Planner will never show you possibilities of long tales phases. So, glass vase is searched by 10k users, but phase Where can I but beautiful glass vase? doesn’t seem to have more, then ten searches per month.

Those long tale phases can give you even 80% of organic searches every month. You just need to provide to your website more leads. And company blog is a perfect solution to do that!

Running your company blog is the time you need to put to good use.

Build your brand, show your teammates

Your customers have got to currencies: their money and their time. If you are running an online store, you need to focus on the rule to have as fewer clicks till buying your products, as possible. Otherwise, your customer will have more time to abandon his idea of buying your products! Approximate time spent on an online store that we run for our customers is 34 sec!

Completely different statistics you can have on your company blog. The user got time to read something carefully and he is prepared to do it!

That’s the time you need to put to good use.

So, there is no better option to write-up your current offer. Also, you can show the backstage of your company, which is always a great idea to build your brand. Numbers of subjects that you can write about at your company blog is limited only by your imagination.

Every one of us is a little bit inquisitive. Appease this need by showing your company backstage at your blog!

Patience my young padawan

Increasing your website users by running company blog needs time. It won’t be effective after one or two weeks. But it will be worthful. Look at that stats:

Apple, pear or other fruit – people don’t thing about brand names directly.
From Hubspot

So, be patience and don’t check your analytics stats every day. Wait for few months and let yourself being surprised how great job you did!

As you see, WebWebSite has company blog too!

So, please, leave your comment below or send me your opinion by email at
Andrew Padniewski, WebWebSite Trailblazer

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