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Website basics: hosting, domain, MySQL

Andrew Padniewski, WebWebSite Trailblazer

All you need to know about basic tools you need to handle while making your own website. You don’t need to be worry: most of them are a piece of cake!

When you going to start your own website, you are going to face the problem: which domain should I buy? Which hosting should I choose?

In this tutorial, I can show you how to start with those basic tools that you need to order to build your own website.

What domain should you choose? Truly it is not so important, as you can statement think!

Photograph by India_7 via Flickr

Start with hosting

There are many hosting providers available at the market. How to choose the best one?

Remember, that most important thing is… price. That’s not a joke, but other things, like reliability or capacity, are always close enough to each other and you will not build second E-bay at the beginning, and if your website wouldn’t be available for around 7-8 sec/month it wouldn’t mean, that you lost thousands of pounds.

Hosting should not cost more, than 4.00£/m.

While searching for your new host provider try to google phrases, like “host providers rating” or “best host providers”. Then you may find best prices with many exclusive offers.

According to information provided by HowIsHostingThis in December 2016, Top 3 host providers are SiteGround, iPage and BlueHost. Prices? From 1.50£/m cheap jerseys to 2.75£ /m.

Always try to not cross the price of 4.00£/m.

Creativity with choosing domain is unlimited. Choose anything that you like.

Foto by Sean MacEntee from Flickr

Choosing domain

More often our customers are taking too much care about website address. E.g. if a company is called “ABC”, and domains “” and “” are taken, owner is kinked.

Truly? Domain address is completely irrelevant. As same, as a company name.

An example I always show in conversation is simple: I am asking, what is the name of most famous personal computers producer jerseys brand?

It is a cheap jerseys fruit.

An apple.

And now, try to explain to me, how it is linked to a computer in a purely semantic way? Nohow.

Apple, pear or other fruit – people don’t thing about brand names directly.

Foto by Dawid Lifson from Flickr

It is truly irrelevant, which domain would you choose. And don’t limit yourself to your brand name – you can always create a new one, online one. Remember, many e-commerce brands are the darndest ideas that they owner ever had. They translate their offer to Esperanto, they calling their brands in the way, that their child first time called them…

And no one really cares.

Transfer domain to hosting, and what DNS means

After buying hosting and domain (basically, both services should be available after 24h), you need to connect them in one online place. If you bought a domain from your host provider you should not encounter any problems. While choosing different domain and host providers, you need to change DNS addresses of your www address.

DNS, a shortcut of Domain Name System, allow you to “park” domain at any available hosting online. To do that you simply need to change two (rarely three of four) NS addresses.

To find them first, go to your hosting provider Dashboard (often called DirectAdmin etc.), and find how to “park” new domain. When it is parked, simply google “YourHostProvider DNS addresses”, where YourHostProvider is a name of your… host provider.


Then go to your domain provider dashboard and change DNS’es (ns1, ns2…) to those, that you googled.

Within 24h your domain should be transferred successfully.

If you receive any problems, we will be happy to help you!

MySQL – core of your website

Finally, the last and most important part of your website: MySQL base. MySQL is simply the heart of your website. It connects your website content with links.

If you decided to use open source CMS’es such as WordPress or Joomla, MySQL will update automatically. You just need to create empty one in your host admin level, and then merge it in a configuration file, that you will send by FTP.

That is really the best option.

MySQL, while most important part of your website, seems to be one of most complicated even for experienced programmers. If there is a chance to never touch it, it is your best shot.

You just need to know that exists.

Why cheap jerseys China do you need to know that? – you may ask. It’s simple.

When you transfer your domain to new host provider, making a copy of your website, you simply need to move your MySQL. First, you can copy content files (available on FTP account), then copy MySQL, and then change your SOCIAL address.

We will provide a guide how to do it in other WebWebSite Blog about that.

For now cheap mlb jerseys on, have a good day and hope that guide explained you basics about your website.

Hope to hear you soon!

apadniewskiHey! That is not over yet!

I am really interested in what do you think about this text! Please, leave your comment below or send me your opinion by email at
Andrew Padniewski, Hockey WebWebSite Trailblazer

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