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How to upload WordPress theme?

Andrew Padniewski, WebWebSite Trailblazer

WordPress is a powerful tool to manage your website. It will never reach this level if it won’t be supported by thousands of users. They create code, plugins and themes. Concentrate on those ones at this text.

WordPress themes are basically most important parts of front-end of your page. By choosing those you make a decision how your website is gonna look like.

There are thousands of themes available at the market. Some of them are free, but quality goes with payment, so if you need a website looking better than ten-years-old blog you need to be ready to pay for your theme.

One of the WordPress default themes, called Twenty Fourteen
Photo by Wikimedia

Check more than theme design!

While choosing your WordPress theme to make sure, that you are not taking care only about visible part of it. Most important are functions, that it has. Basically, when you are planning to build an online store, make sure that your theme is easily integrating with WooCommerce plugin. When you want to run a blog, check how it looks on other websites, that are using that theme.

From the other hand, if you got in love in other WordPress website and you want to make something most similar, you can always check which WordPress theme it uses on WebWebSite, for example, uses Divi from The Elegant Themes. We are using this company themes for almost six years now and they never disappointed us. And after so many years of usage, we made our own improvements in it for our own and our customers usage.

Remember the most important thing: sorry, but your theme will never look exactly the same as it is shown in preview mode. Especially at the beginning.

Preview mode never look exactly the same as your website will.

Installing theme on WordPress dashboard

There are two ways to install a theme in your dashboard. Let’s  start with installing free WP Theme from WP repertory. For that go to WordPress section called – surprisingly – Themes in Appearance menu.

There you can find WP repertory with over 10k themes for free. By using filters you can simply find what you need: e-commerce themes, different columns, editable headers, footers etc.

All of those themes are for free.

But, if you would like to upload theme that you bought on another website, you need to use WP theme merge uploader. Let’s go to check where it is.

Done? Not yet, remember to Activate new theme. Then you can admire your new website design.

Managing themes, delete theme

Before we will go to the lucky end, just two more things. You can use more than one theme. Of course, not at once, but you can upload to your website as many themes as you want. To manage them all go again to Appearance –> Themes. In default WordPress, there should be some Twenty Something themes, which are default.

Remember again, most important things is which of your themes is Active, this will be visible for your website users.

Also, if you would like to delete theme to save some hosting capacity, you can do using WP Dashboard. Remember that you can only delete themes, that are not active.

Simply go to Appearance –> Themes again and click on every unused theme.

As you can see, in the right hand bottom corner you can delete all unused theme files.

I hope that you are happy with your new WordPress theme!

apadniewskiHey! Hope I could help!

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Andrew Padniewski, WebWebSite Trailblazer

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