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Make your website mobile-friendly

Andrew Padniewski, WebWebSite Trailblazer

After the turn of 2013 and 14, e-commerce sector will never be the same. At those days it was a beginning of mobile domination over desktop devices.

The number of smartphone users in 2014 brake 1,7 billion users (according to comScore statistics). More importantly, in 2013 time spent on using desktop and mobile devices was exactly the same, while after 2014 mobile is more popular than a PC. It is interesting to note that studies show that both devices still didn’t bet TV. But that’s not our main subject, isn’t it?

Straight speaking you can underestimate your mobile users running online business.

Numbers of mobile and desktop users

Foto by comScore via SmartInsights

We still buy on PC’s

Of course, even if numbers of mobile users going greater and greater, we still buy things on desktop devices. According to my own experience, I’ve never seen more mobile sales in any shop, that 28%.

But two years ago I never saw more than 8-12%. So it is getting higher and higher. And it will be better for you, if you will start to prepare your website for mobile users straight away!

Whatever you will decide, remember about your mobile users.

Is my site is mobile-friendly?

There are few most important terms to say, that your website is mobile-friendly. First, you need to be sure that it is fully responsive. Basically, without zooming, it should be impossible to move it horizontally. Second, you should never use flash code (which is impossible to read by many mobile devices). Third…

Oh, come on. Go and check it yourself. Google is a great company, and they provide many free tools. Such as mobile-friendly website test. You can check it here:

What can I say… WebWebSite is mobile friendly 🙂

What next?

Of course, if your site is mobile friendly you got our congrats. If it’s not, try to ask you website provider or programmist to improve it. And we can tell you some tips and tricks what you should know before that conversation.

First of all, if your website using any open-source CMS, making it mobile-friendly should be a piece of cake. There are many plugins available even for free, which will upgrade your site automatically. For example, WordPress plugin called WPTouch.

If you are not so lucky, and your programmer always says that it will take to much time to reorganise the whole website for mobile (have to admit, that sometimes it is just impossible), you should ask him to move it to a subdomain. Before any of your website users will open the website on mobile or desktop, the correct script can transfer him to desktop or mobile version.

Oh my god, sorry, but I had too… That was my first mobile, Nokia 5110, and I seriously miss fact, that I needed to recharge it once per few days.

Foto by  GSM Arena

Other things you should be aware of, is that user experience at different devices will be… different. If your website, for example, has right sidebar menu, at mobile devices it should be invisible, or it should move automatically to your header. Font size should be readable easily.

I would say at the end just one thing: whatever you will decide, remember about your mobile users. There is not a chance, that in the future those trends will turn other way.

apadniewskiHave you read that post on your mobile?

Hope, that you enjoy your experience. If it so, please leave your comment below or send me your opinion by email at
Andrew Padniewski, WebWebSite Trailblazer

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