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Free photos for your own website – where you can find them?

Andrew Padniewski, WebWebSite Trailblazer

You don’t want to pay for photos, that you are looking at, but still, you don’t know where you can find one without legal rights? No worries, internet solve that problem many years ago.

Copyrights basically have now over… 130 years. They’ve been set in 1886 in Bern, Suisse, and everything that has happened after with that law is mostly just adding some footnotes.

That might sound funny during the 21st century, but copyrights are so simple and brilliant, that there is no reason to change the rules, even if right now anyone of us can public any photo, text, note, song, movie and whatever else that is a copyrighted work. But, as it goes with quantity, many authors truly don’t give a damn about their rights and they are publishing brilliant works without any copyrights.

How does it work?

Have you noticed already, that we sign photos, that we are using at WebWebSite?
This one, for example, is the photo made by Amanda Tipton. You can easily find in on Flickr

Creative Common is a key

Even if copyrights are easy to understand, internet society created in the meantime organisation called Creative Commons. Set in the year 2001 is taking care of good understanding of all rights, that all authors have.

There are four conditions and around six types of licences, that author can set on their copyright work. Do you need to know all details? Go ahead, all details you can find here.

If you are not interested in law details just take care about two things. First, there is a licence called CC0 (CC zero), that allows you to do with any photo/movie/sample whatever you like to do. You don’t need to even sign the author’s name, link nowhere etc.

The second licence you might be interested in is Creative Common licence with commercial use allowance. It is called CC BY, and all others start with that letter (so CC BY-SA, CC BY-ND etc.).

This time you just need to remember to put authors name and link to a page, that you found a photo, that you are using.

Ok, let’s go to places, that you can find them.

Remember, that sometimes you won’t be able to find anything you need.


Of course, Google! When you are going to Google Images you can use Tools -–> Using rights and then you can choose label, that you are interested in.

To be honest, I am not using Google labels so often. This option has been unavailable for many years and I still got an impression, that as Google got best search engine in the world, that Google Images is still crawling.

Would you like to try something else? I am sure, you do. Let’s then go to Flickr, my favourite website store with so many free photos, that you can’t even imagine.

In here, you simply need to change label, that you want to search in, and there you go!

Not happy with those two search engines? No worries, I’m not done with all links I have for you. Feel free and jump to Unsplash, use also Public Domain Pictures website. More? There you go! Pixabay, SplitShire, Viintage, GratisoGraphy, New Old Stock, Morguefile.

Hope, that you are satisfied with numbers of links.

It’s still better to pay

Yep, I know that hurts sometimes. But you have to be ready, that you will not find anything you need at those websites. E.g. one of our customers, that produce cosmetics, when we showed him all those websites he was sure, that there is no need to pay for any photos. So he started to search. After six hours he called us and allow to create an account at one of photo stocks.

The amount of time, that you need to spend exactly, what you need, is sometimes worth much more, than costs of pro photos you can easily buy.

Consider that, before you decide what to do next!

apadniewskiHey! Hope I could help!

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Andrew Padniewski, WebWebSite Trailblazer

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